Outcome Leader Coaching

I spent 20+ years leading product management teams and transforming project-focused feature teams into outcome-led product teams. I successfully led the creation of products customers depended on at a series of venture-backed and PE-back companies.

Roughly four years ago, after a successful exit, I left my last full-time Chief Product Officer role and switched to coaching product leaders and fractional CPO support. Today, I work with B2B tech companies, helping them maximize their potential and build products that create a difference for customers and stakeholders.

As a qualified executive coach, I offer private Outcome Leadership Coaching for product leaders designed to help you excel as a product executive and overcome the nay-sayers, the politics, and the uncertainty. Outcome Leader Coaching unlocks your potential and, in turn, amplifies your team’s performance. As an Outcome Leader, you will create a culture where product managers understand customer needs and develop products that make a real difference.

My coaching has been recommended by companies ranging from series A startups to global technology giants (like Gitlab and Adobe). Do you have talented teams who are derailed by tactical feature demands? Do the top priorities seem to change with the wind? Does your sales team pitch fictional product capabilities? Have you spent months or even years trying to empower your product teams?

With Outcome Leader Coaching I will help you turn things around fast. Are you interested in learning more? Contact me here.